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What is freelancing? How can Zoolgigs help you with it?

Imagine a world where you do not have to sit 9 to 5 in your office, a world where you can work whenever and however you want. Want to visit a beach on a Wednesday afternoon? You can do that too while earning money from the comfort of your home. No, no, this is not...
November 17, 2021

5 Tips to Boost Your Freelance Writing Services

Freelance Writing
Being your personal boss and not having the constraints of a work environment are the reasons that freelance writing a promising option for many people. Although nothing beats having your own office at home and being able to work at your own pace freelance writing can be an extremely challenging and stressful tasks. Making it...
November 3, 2021

Freelancing Benefits You Need To Know

Freelancing as a career option that you might consider when it’s become a routine in the workplace, with talented employees frustrated and stifled in the confines of their full-time work. Most often, they are found complaining that they have no time to determine how they would like to doctor their lives. If you’re experiencing this,...
October 21, 2021

Online Freelance Marketplace: Connecting Businesses and Top Professionals Globally

Freelance Marketplace
If you were a Freelance Marketplace business owner, or manager how would it look as if you had the recruitment and vetting of experienced independent professionals handled for you? How would you receive an inventory of experts who have been pre-screened from an experienced recruiter? Being an independent business professional in the highest level Imagine...
October 17, 2021

Project Catalog : Systematic Way To Find Projects

Businesses’ growth is mainly based upon the strength of the relationships. But making the first connection will be the hardest and challenging step that needs to be complete in an efficient manner. For autonomous experts and offices, getting before organizations that need your specific range of abilities is pivotal for development; for organizations, it’s tracking...
October 3, 2021

Why is Color Coding Important in a Kitchen?

In reality, there is a lot going on in a commercial kitchen, and it is one of the busiest departments in a hotel. Kitchen staff work long hours; no sooner have they finished up with breakfast for guests, they need to start on lunch, and soon after that dinner, and all this in addition to...
September 17, 2021

What is ZoolGigs

what is zoolgigs
Your one stop shop for reliable online services Zoolgigs is an all-inclusive marketplace built for talented freelancers to showcase and sell their skills to buyers. Our peer-to-peer format allows both parties to connect directly by overcoming traditional barriers to communication. We strive to overcome the disparity between people looking to hire freelancers for their projects...
September 17, 2021